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September 5, 2014: Brother Steven and his family will be returning to Israel soon. Do hold them up in prayer, as they are going back to Israel during a very volatile time.

The Newsletter is in the works and will be sent out soon.

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Shabbat LIVE begins at 11am EDT every Saturday. Don't worry if you miss it, we will post it on YouTube a bit later in the day.


Steven's Blog

The latest seven posts are online. We will be going through the rest with a fine tooth comb making sure every post is clean of malicious code from when our server was hacked. Also, we will be refining the post formatting to be easy on the eye.

Jana's Blog

Jana will be finishing up her miraculous testimony soon, but for now make sure to read parts one and two so you're up to speed.

Aaron's Blog

The highly requested article, 'Prayer 101: How To Pray' is back online. You can read it here. Also, you may want to view Aaron's Shabbat LIVE message on the same topic, which can be found here.

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Israeli News Live has been moved to our new web site

Israeli News Live

At present, is a basic one page web site, but after the content has been restored to Israel Returns we will focus on building Israeli News Live into a proper and fully functional news site that will focus on current events effecting Israel and the World at large.

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