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Pope Benedict XVI To Resign In 2012

March 28th, 2012 by Steven Ben-DeNoon

Without question many knew that Pope Benedict had to leave the seat as Vicar of Christ soon (I do not believe that the pope is a Vicar of Christ). The world stage is being set for the next pontiff – the modern day Judas - who’s betrayal will go much deeper than that of Jesus he will reach out against God’s chosen people – Israel. And those that are left behind -the foolish virgins -will be hunted down and killed for the testimony of Jesus Christ.  church and state will unite due to the economic marriage that will needs be due to a plummeting economy – wall-street will except the covenant to keep from loosing it all. Some Scholars hold to the idea of an Assyrian Antichrist based on the verses found in Isaiah chapter 10 If indeed these verses are speaking of a future Antichrist then we can expect to see an Arab born Pontiff or descendant of these peoples. But the idea of the Antichrist being Muslim from the Arab world as well as some charismatic leader that will start a one world religion is rather preposterous when we hear names like  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be such a leader. In Daniel Chapter 9 he speaks of the prince that shall come – the Antichrist.


and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. [Daniel 9:26]


That prince that is to come is of the people who destroyed the city of Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple which was perpetrated by Titus the Roman General - Iran certainly isn’t part of Rome. have we forgot that when Jesus first came to the earth Rome was in control of Jerusalem? Then why would we think the Arab world will be in control now? Benjamin Netanyahu is under pressure not only by the World Community to concede for a Palestinian State but as well the Catholic Church. July 2010 the Arab League signed a covenant with the Vatican at the top of the agenda was a Palestinian State. No wonder we saw increased pressure the following year at the United Nations to push for a Palestinian State.


So then how can we settle the passage in Isaiah with the point expressed by Gabriel to Daniel. I think it is rather obvious, we may indeed see the next Pontiff be of Arab descent. Emanuel III is a Cardinal of the Church and native of Baghdad, Iraq. It would seem more plausible for a candidate such as he. None the less we will soon see a new Pope and with this pontiff he will push for the Palestinian state a third Temple and he will restore an economy that is yet to plummet much lower. In general he will be a savior to the World.


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9 Comments on “Pope Benedict XVI To Resign In 2012”

  1. Dan Groff said:

    In your commentary, you stated the Pope would retire April 15. Has is been made public, and what is compelling him to retire. I have never heard of a pope retiring.

  2. Steven DeNoon said:

    All you need do is google this it has been made very public and also denied then affirmed. There are a huge number of articles about this including the BBC and Reuters.

  3. David Hall said:

    Bro. Steven, your anointing for this time is genuine, powerful, and timely. I just watched your gripping and inspiring video to your people. You are passionately reaching out to them and you are well equipped by Yah for this purpose. May He be with you and bless all that your hands will touch as we move closer toward fulfillment of all scriptural prophecy. Amen

  4. truth teller said:

    you are an IDIOT! get your head out of that jew ass and tell the truth. You don’t know Jesus and when he comes you and yours will be the first ones in HELL.

  5. Steven Ben-DeNoon said:

    I approved your comment because people need to see just what other people think. I am sorry you know so little of the Bible to know what God has promised in these last days. If you took the time to really listen then you would see. Israel we were blind to Jesus as Messiah but you my friend and many others are blind to who He is today for John prophesied of the church’s condition of this day, when he said you are “blind naked and don’t know it!”

  6. Steven Ben-DeNoon said:

    Dan my friend sorry for not getting back sooner but as we see it did happen I hope you listen to the videos I have recently released on youtube under “BenDenoon”

  7. Steven Ben-DeNoon said:

    thank you for your kindness

  8. Johnny Gagnon said:

    The Pope planned to retire after making his symbolic cyclops gestures in Israel to the secret societies and his 1 billion short sighted small thinking followers,the message of Christ was drowned out and lost a long time ago by the controllers of mainstream media and the lures of consumerism

  9. LookingUp said:

    Hi, Steven. Just found your site while searching for anything definitive that Benedict actually resigned April, 2012. All I can find is that he was planning to do that. All sorts of stuff out there that he “secretly” resigned. What would be the purpose in that?

    Obviously, Pope Francis is not an Arab nor from Arab descent. I am, however, looking forward to having the time to read more on your site.

    Enjoy the blessings of the day. Maranatha.

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