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Yam Suph – Sea of Reeds

January 4th, 2011 by Steven Ben-DeNoon

yam suph 300x225 Yam Suph   Sea of Reeds

Yam Suph or Sea of Reeds? See Video Below!

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What has already got much attention before the release of the book is from Chapter 9; Israel Returns - my thoughts on the reason Moses used the term -Yam Suph – Sea of Reeds -when in fact it is without a doubt that the children of Israel crossed the Gulf of Aquba in modern day Egypt on their way to Mount Sinai in modern day Saudi Arabia as depicted in the documentary “The Exodus Revealed”The archeological foot print left on the sea floor at Nubia beach is a testament to this event. The Sea of Reeds however has never been explained respectfully until now. To my surprise I have seen much support for my approach on the subject so I decided to write a book on the subject revealing more details. This book – Yam Suph – will be available on our website by the end February or the first of March. We should have a You Tube segment available in February from a television interview on the subject for the new release of “Israel: Are They Still God’s People”. Be sure to look for it – it is sure to be a shocker!

here is a short take on the Real sea of Reeds:

There is no way in such a short article to do justice for my recent discovery of Moses calling the Red Sea – a Sea of Reeds.  This age old debate that has lasted for centuries may have at last finally come to rest. As I discovered the answer to this mystery one thing that came to mind was the book by Dr. James Dobson entitled When God Doesn’t Make Sense. In Dr Dobson’s book he brings out examples in families lives that have crumbled – all hopes lost seemingly regardless of the intent prayers that were offered up in desperation for an answer from God, and yet it was if God had turned His back. The term used for a reed less location for the original crossing on the Gulf of Aquba and the hardships endured for those that fulfilled this incredible mystery truly at the time certainly did not seem to make sense. None the less to believe God regardless of what things appears is far better.

My focus for this unusual event is the debate that has gone on for hundreds of years as to what particular body of water did the children of Israel cross? This all came about due to the terminology that Moses uses when calling what we know as Red Sea – a Sea of Reeds – this is based on a literal translation of the Hebrew word – Suph. Suph in Hebrew can be translated two different ways.

Holman Bible Dictionary

Red Sea (Reed Sea)

Body of water God dried up in the Exodus. Red Sea is a common translation of two Hebrew words yam suph. Yam means “sea,” but suph does not normally mean “red.” Suph often means “reeds” (Exodus 2:3,Exodus 2:5; Isaiah 19:6) or “end,” “hinder part” (Joel 2:20; 2 Chronicles 20:16; Ecclesiastes 3:11). Yam suph could be translated “Sea of Reeds” or “Sea at the end of the world.”

It is from the different passages, as mentioned in the Holman Bible Dictionary, that has sparked so much debate. I have personally talked with Rabbis and Biblical Scholars alike about this discovery, the majority of them are strongly in favor of my research, but I have had those that for whatever their own passion will not concede from one extreme or the other. Case in point; one rabbi that happened to be a very close friend of mine argued emphatically that Suph could mean nothing less or more than – end or finality – and could not be persuaded otherwise. However the great sage Ibn Ezra wrote nearly 1000 years ago that it is absurd to say that the term Suph could mean the end of the world. Ibn argued that the Mediterranean was larger than the Red Sea and yet we knew that it had another side and yet that the land continued on from there. In another case; speaking with a Doctor of theology he was sure that nowhere else other than the marshes of the Nile or Lake Manzalah could it be that the term Sea of Reeds applies. Making his own case is that the miracle was not the parting of the waters but rather that Pharaoh and his armies could be destroyed in only 4 foot of water(lake Manzalah,) he too could not reason otherwise. But as far as the defining of the word Suph to be reeds consider this in Exodus 2:3 ‘…And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes (Suph)…’ seems unlikely that his basket would be made of “End.” In fact archeologists have discovered a basket made from reeds found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. More scriptures can easily be suited to prove that Suph is indeed Reeds in the book of Isaiah and again in  Job.

Regardless the arguments have continued; why did Moses call the Red Sea a Sea of Reeds. When Dr Lennart Moller Professor Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden who has extensive training in Marine Biology and Chemistry with a special interest in Biblical archeology and research, continued an exploration building on the research by Ron Wyatt, at the Gulf of Aqaba off the coast of Nuweiba beach in search of the chariots of Pharaoh armies that were destroyed in Yam Suph according to the Biblical account in Exodus. He made some extraordinary discoveries. The sea floor a sand bar extending from the Egyptian cost all the way to the coast of Saudi Arabia had become a junk yard of Coral encapsulated shapes that appeared to be the remnants of Pharaohs’ chariots. One photo that is seen in the documentary entitled The Exodus Revealed is a recreation of a chariot wheel that had been photographed originally by Ron Wyatt. Here Dr Moller speaks of this find.

Dr. Lennart Moller: “There is one find at the Nuweiba location that is of great interest, and that is the gilded wheel It is a wooden basic structure of the wheel and it is covered with gold or electrum, a mixture of silver and gold, and corals have not been able to grow on it. It’s been very well preserved, although it’s very fragile. It seems like the wooden content has been dissolved. So I mean you could break it if you tried to remove it.”

The Gulf of Aqaba also can be proven to be the place of the crossing from the passage I Kings 10:26 ‘…And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea ( Yam Suph), in the land of Edom…’Also we have the many discoveries in Egypt of the Mountain of God – Horeb – at a place called today as Jabel El Lawaz, we have the split rock that evidently must have been the rock that Moses struck and God brought the waters from this rock. So many discoveries in fact that the only way for me to do them justice is in the new book that will be released in the summer of 2011 called “Yam Suph” here I go deeper into Dr Moller research from his book The Exodus Case along with Jim and Penny Caldwell and their discoveries at Mt Sinai.

Simplifying this discovery is very difficult in such a short article. These great men and women that I have mentioned afore and their own discoveries is what lends credibility to my recent discovery of what God really was saying when he had Moses call the Gulf of Aqaba – Yam Suph. It has nothing to do with the gulf itself; in fact I have wondered if perhaps the children of Israel may have mocked Moses for bringing them to the cost of the Gulf of Aqaba and hearing him calling the place a – Sea of Reed,  for there were no reeds in this region. True there were reeds at the Nile and Lake Manzalah but not at the Gulf of Aqaba. God often times hides himself in simplicity. In this case God was not looking at the place where Israel would cross for indeed the Bible said that the Children of Israel went through on dry ground and the ‘… waters were a wall to them on their right hand and on their left…’ something that would not have happened in a marshy reed area. However, to my opinion God was alluding to a future event an event that Jeremiah recorded that would be fulfilled nearly 3500 years after the first Exodus. Yam Suph was a modern day event a second Exodus if you will, but not to detract from the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea.

Jeremiah 23:7-8 ‘…Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that they shall no more say, The LORD liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The LORD liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country, and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land…’

Jeremiah makes reference to the first exodus of the children of Israel, and clearly shows us that there would come another exodus that would eclipse the first, not that the parting of the sea was not great, but that the parting of minds to cause the entire world to release the Jews making a way for them to return to their homeland, which has been the modern day miracle without question. Yet for some reason God separates the North Country – from the rest of the world, why? The North Country according to scholars is Russia and her territories and it doesn’t take to hard of a look for us to find a modern day Exodus from the North Country to see that indeed there was a  Yam Suph a Sea of Reeds – for the children of Israel to cross in modern times. Notice Jeremiah says ‘the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country’ that would be the descendants of the children of Israel – the children from the biblical Exodus story.

During the Holocaust we had a man in the similitude of Moses rise on the scene, Tuvia Bielski, a man of compassion for his people, and when Hitler was on his reign of terror trying to annihilate all the Jews of Europe he also was trying to annihilate the Jews of Belorussia. Tuvia and his brothers after the death of their parents hid in the forest during the war and eventually in time they managed to rescue 1,200 Jews. The Germans had increasingly grown weary of Tuvia and his partisan group from the raids they accomplished; destroying supply lines and causing havoc for the Germans in their attempts to destroy the Jews. Oddly enough when you consider the story of Tuvia and the Jews of Belorussia it is reminiscent to that of the children of Israel in their exodus; just as their forefathers  the Jews of Belorussia spent 400 years under different anti-Semitic rulers, they were hiding from the enemy, they were encamped in the woods moving from place to place, and finally ending up next to a body of water. In the case of Moses’ people, they were encamped next to the Gulf of Aqaba, what Moses called a sea of reeds. In Tuvia’s case his people were also encamped next to a body of water that truly was a “sea of reeds”. Both bodies of water were nearly the same distance to be crossed, approximately 9 miles, both groups had the enemy  to discover their locations; both of them had an armada of troops that came to annihilate them. In both cases they knew they were no match for the armies they faced. In the first exodus, God parted the sea, in the second Exodus; God gave His people the faith and courage to go through the sea of reeds. As noted by Tuvia’s brother when 53,000 German soldiers were advancing on their position Tuvia gathered his people to the edge of the swamp, at the center was an island of refuge, they knew the Germans would not pursue them through the swamp. Yet the people were afraid, but Tuvia’s brother stilled the people when he said “God is not here to part the sea for us today, but with our faith in God we will cross this sea ourselves.”

In the movie “Defiance” that was released in 2008 while watching this movie with my wife, when I saw this event unfold; in a moment God inspired me and I saw all the passages in the Bible come together, I also remembered Dr Moller’s work, and I knew that indeed that just as we read that the Word of God declared in Hosea 11:1 ‘…When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt…’ Christians would attest that this applied to both Israel in their Exodus and Jesus when he left Egypt and returned to Israel when he was still a boy. So it’s not uncommon for scripture to have a compound fulfillment. In this case I am confident that Moses was alluding, unbeknown to him perhaps, but alluding to a future Sea of reeds crossing. Tuvia Bielski and the 800 Jews  at that time crossed a real - Sea of reeds a Yam Suph – and fulfilled not only the words from Moses but without question fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah 23:8 ‘…which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country…’

If this was not shocking enough my interview with two Rabbis was even more enlightening. One Rabbi pointed out to me that just as I have noted that Moses use of the term Suph could allude to a future event so too Rashi the great sage and commentator committed on the Song of Moses as alluding to a future event as well. The reason is that Moses wrote this passage in future tense as Rashi commented he said that no doubt this passage would be fulfilled in the Messianic age – Moses would be back from the dead and the children of Israel would again sing this song of victory. I did not reveal to my dear friend that I was a Christian but I could not help but think of the account in the book of Revelation when John – another Jew noted: ‘they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.’ This story I believe may help strengthen ties between Jews and Christians, especially written neutrally.

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8 Comments on “Yam Suph – Sea of Reeds”

  1. Steven DeNoon said:

    Recently we sent a copy of this post to Dr Dobson with “Family Talk Radio” this was the response we received from Dr Dobson’s office

    We appreciate your thinking of Dr. Dobson with regard to the books you’ve written, Israel: Are They Still God’s People and Yam Suph. With the latter in view particularly, it was encouraging to note that you make a case for the reliability of the scriptural account concerning the people of Israel crossing the Red Sea. While we are confident in the truthfulness of God’s Word, it always in heartening to hear of archaeological finds that provide supporting evidence for what the Bible says. As you may be aware, Dr. Dobson is an avid student of the Scriptures, and discoveries like you’ve described that enhance the study of the biblical text are always of interest.

  2. Steven DeNoon said:

    We also submitted this post to Author Rex Burns and this was his response:

    I’m not sure I can tell you anything you haven’t already thought of, since you are the Biblical scholar and I’m not. You make an interesting argument for the historical repetition of “crossings” of an actual or metaphorical sea…

    Rex Burns

  3. Susan Burns said:

    Ron Wyatt actually did not find anything at Nuweiba. I lived around the area for 3 years and snorkeled up and down Nuweiba beach (also Dahab). There are no chariot wheels covered with coral. I am afraid Ron was either deluded or a trickster.
    Kind regards,
    Susan Burns

  4. Steven DeNoon said:

    Susan I am personal friends with Viveka Ponten who worked and lived in Saudia arabia and yes she found chariot wheels coral covered and highly unlikely to find anything snorkling. The gilded wheel Ron found was in 200 feet of water, so I beg to differ with you on the findings.

  5. Doug Lay said:

    Hello Steven,

    I have been reviewing all the information I can find on Ron Wyatts claims concerning the Gulf of Aquaba and I have see many referencing the “gilded wheel” that you reference here but I have yet to find any corroboration of the discovery. Was the wheel removed and verified by anyone? Where is it now? Are there any photos of the wheel? The photos of the coral structures do not prove any thing, I have seen similar coral structures in many places. Please point me to something that is corroboration of these claims.

    Open minded and willing to receive the truth if it is corroborated with real evidence.

    Thank You

  6. Steven DeNoon said:

    Reverend Lay I appreciate your comment, the wheel Ron Wyatt discovered is on video as well as photographed. It was not removed due to the fragilness and due to the law in this area not permitting removal. If you wish email me and I can send you a copy of the photo but I’m sure if you search charriot wheel video on Google it may make that easier. I am aquaited with Ron,snwife Mary and as well friends with Viveka Ponten who is a reliable source of information. My email address is IsraelReturns@aol.com

  7. Dave Withers said:

    All I have to say is watch the History’s Channel old show titled, “The Exodus Decoded” reed or red sea…. it all scientifically happened….and God did it.

  8. robert said:

    I LOVE the MOVIE I have seen it like 20 times

    ITS wonderful

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